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  5. "Slikket er ikke til jer."

"Slikket er ikke til jer."

Translation:The candy is not for you.

February 16, 2015



Is the British English 'sweets' accepted?


"The sweet is not for you" is accepted over "sweets are" so I wouldn't use it


I don't have access to the notes section on lessons so I've never gotten an explanation for this- jer vs. dig? Mange tak.


it's plural vs. singular "you"


Why!? It's very sad thing to hear


Plenty of reasons why you might say that. Most dogs can't digest chocolate, for example. Also, as a guest I sometimes bring a gift of liqueur chocolates, obviously for adults only, so I would probably say "Those sweets are not for you, but for your mother - these sweets are for you."


Because of diabetes.


hey as an australian I've never used candy or sweets, please accept "lolly"


So I went to the store to get some lolly. Is that a correct usage?


No. "I went to get some lolly" means "I went to get some money". It does in British English anyway. If you are after lollipops you would say: "I went to get some lollies". If you are after any kind of sweets you would say: "I went to get some sweets." I'm still uncertain whether "slik" means "sweets" or specifically "lollies" (as in the picture). Can someone explain please? Not that I want any. They are all bad for the teeth.


What about lollies (Australian) for sweets or candy?

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