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  5. "Ag an nóiméad seo."

"Ag an nóiméad seo."

Translation:this minute.

February 16, 2015



Still do not understand why "At this minute" would not be an acceptable translation.


Me neither and the naitve speakers wont say


What purpose does the 'ag' serve here? I thought this would be 'at this minute' or 'in this minute'.


And "not at this minute" would be "níl ag an nóiméad seo"?


So is used only for time???? Nóimead, nóimid what's the difference???


Nóiméad is the singular for the nominative and the plural for the genitive, while nóiméid is the singular for the genitive and the plural for the nominative.


Its hard to tell when words like that are so similar when they are pronounced. Like leabhar vs leabhair


The final consonants are different. The plural form of many nouns in Irish is formed by changing the last consonant from broad to slender.


Oh my God. You've gotta be kidding me. I don't really even understand what those are, much less be thinking about how to apply them while trying to speak Irish on the fly to a native speaker, which is my ultimate goal. It just seems impossible with all these fancy grammatical terms. I'm college educated and have never heard of these terms before. Do you have to be a linguist to speak Irish? Please tell me there's a light at the end of the tunnel here...


I`m sure that there is one. Not that I can see it...


In German there are four cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. Yes, there is a light. Keep at it and it will get brighter.


Stacey its cool

Dont get intimidated

Keep listening and speaking

No child learning this language got a lesson on the genitive. They were simply when they were wrong, corrected and interalised the rules

Worry about grammar later.

Stick to your goals. You will get there.


Would it not be "at this minute"?


What would 'at the moment' translate to?


I think there is something missing in the words we get.

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