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Why did I get 15 points instead of 20?

I set a 20 xp per day goal for myself. A test gives you 10 points. So I did my normal routine of 2 tests per day and logged off.

I come back today to find out that my streak was lost because yesterday I only got 15 points. How is that possible?

February 17, 2015



There seems to be a change in the amount of points awarded when redoing lessons. As far as I know, it is still in the testing stage, so this may not be a permanent change.


Thank you for the reply. Either way, I'm pissed about losing my streak. Especially since there was no mention anywhere that there is any possibility of getting anything less than 10. I had a 24-25 day streak :(((( Well, anyway, the knowledge is still there:P


I changed my daily goal to 1XP a couple of days ago when I saw folks talking in the forum about getting less than 10XP per lesson. I am now in the A/B test and I'm glad I reduced my goal.

It does tell you "You earned 7 XP" and it shows you that you have "7 out of 20 XP" for the day, and it doesn't give you the little green check mark in front of your flame. So I can see how the designers would be thinking "How on earth could they miss something like that?" but I knew I might just hop on, do my one lesson, and hop off without really paying attention to the fact that I'd not met my 10XP goal for the day, especially on a hectic day.

Sorry you lost your streak :(


Thanks for the advice, I think I'll do that myself ^_^


I'm glad I did, too. Sometimes I get 10XP even for a well reviewed lesson, sometimes only 6 or 7. Once I got 3. Haven't figured out rhyme nor reason to it yet.


Personally, I think the developers should make an announcement if they change anything, especially if it's the way how lessons work.


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