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Wanna help me make a Spanish music playlist? And help me make translations to the songs?

Hey guys!

I wanted to know if you guys could help me make a Spanish playlist on Spotify and help me translate the songs into English using immersion. So far, I have translated a couple of songs but it is slow going. I would love ideas of what to add to the playlist - I will make it public on Spotify and if anyone wants to collaborate with me, let me know here or on Spotify. I have an account on Spotify with the same name - here is the link to my public playlist. Also, here is the list of the songs so far in my playlist; if you think anything doesn't really belong in it, let me know!

  1. La Camisa Negra - Juanes (not translated)

  2. Juntos (Together) - Juanes (translated)

  3. A Dios le Pido - Juanes (not translated

  4. !Corre! - Jesse y Joy (not translated)

  5. Chocolate - Jesse y Joy (not translated)

  6. Espacio Sidereal - Jesse y Joy (translated)

  7. Electricidad - Jesse y Joy (translated)

  8. Llorar - feat. Mario Domm - Jesse y Joy (not translated)

  9. Vivir Mi Vida - Version Pop - Marc Anthony (not translated)

  10. Quiero Que Me Quieras - Jesse y Joy (not translated)

  11. Sin Ti - Samo (not translated)

  12. Perdon, Perdon - HA-ASH (not translated)

  13. De Donde Sacas Eso - HA-ASH (not translated)

  14. Sin Despertar - Kudai (not translated)

  15. Invierno - Reik (not translated)

  16. Mi Tesoro - Jesse y Joy (not translated)

  17. Corazon de Campeon - Jesse y Joy (not translated)

Let me know what songs are translated and I will add them here. My goal is to add songs that are similar to pop and alternative rock styles. If you can help me, I'd very much appreciate it!

P.S. I would like people to collaborate with me and help me make a great Spanish playlist that people can enjoy listening to and then know what they are saying. Thanks!

3 years ago



Great minds think alike. I've been building this one for about a year (give or take). I've asked around to my latino friends of singer/songwriter and rock/alternative bands. Basically, songs where the singing is pretty clear. This is what I have come up with...


3 years ago


Gracias! Que piensas de mis cantos y listo?

3 years ago

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I suggest the songs of the group Jarabe de Palo. The words in spanish are quite easy to translate.

3 years ago