"He loves her."

अनुवाद:वह उससे प्यार करता है।

February 17, 2015

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What's the difference between "उसे" and "उससे"?


Nothing! Both of 'em are used interchangeably.


Why is the correct answer "वह उनको प्यार करता है"? I would have thought that meant "He loves them"? Is this a politeness thing?


Yes, precisely so. उनको/उन्हें is the respectful form of उसको/उसे. But the meaning is ambiguous, so "वह उनको प्यार करता है" could mean "He loves [them/her/him]".


Thank you! And the politeness there is so necessary, that usko is wrong?


For some reason, "उसको" was not added to the alternatives. But I have added it, so "वह उसको प्यार करता है" should now be accepted. Thank you :)


आप ने सबी विकल्प का प्रयोग किया but I still have a doubt. Is this a valid translation."वह उनसे प्यार करता है".


@Jeevikaa_nan उनसे is also correct. For example let's suppose some guy loves your elder sister or your aunt then you would rather use "उनसे/उनको" instead of "उससे". And since the context is not clear in above sentence, we can use either of them.


Frd typing m hindi kaise use kre plz tell m


Go to settings and seach languages or language input or language settings(either of them as it may be different on your phone) and click on that and choose the languages.^^

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