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  5. "Maten räcker inte."

"Maten räcker inte."

Translation:There is not enough food.

February 17, 2015



Is räcker akin to "suffice"?


Yes, it's exactly that in meaning, just a little less formal in style.


I guess "räcker" is related to "reichen" in German...


This is unclear to me.

This accepts: "there is not enough food" and "the food is not enough". But these are different sentences.

The first says there is a shortage of food. While the second is saying that something else is needed besides the food. While it could mean more food it could also mean we need food + water. Or food + plates...etc


Yes, the Swedish sentence covers both. Think of the English sentence The food does not suffice. It does too.


det finns inte räcker mat.. Is it correct?


No, räcker is a verb and you can't have two verbs in the present tense (finns is already there). You can use tillräckligt which is like enough, but then tillräckligt just happens to require the preposition med, so you'd have to say Det finns inte tillräckligt med mat.


Tack tack :)


Would "the food is not enough" also be acceptable?


Works grammatically, but it might mark you as a second language speaker of English. Just one of those things.


what do you mean by this? 'The food isn't enough' is completely natural in English and I wouldn't get the impression that the person saying it is an ESL speaker.


It sounds incomplete phrased that way. Or - upper midwestern where a lot of Scandinavians settled, which indeed wouldn't be non-native speakers (think Fargo). It just catches my ear (Colorado raised) as being sort of awkward by itself.


Ah, but context is king. It sounds fine to my American English ears if you were expressing disappointment with the food itself (but not quantity). For example, you could write this in a review about a hotel "breakfast" that only offered toast.


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Yes, it was accepted as well


Why won't it accept "the food is insufficient"?

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