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"There was a doctor on the boat."

Translation:Det fanns en läkare på båten.

February 17, 2015



Wjy is Det var... not accepted?


Is en necessary in this sentence?


It should not be necessary since occupations do not take article. Hope I'm right


Why is it det fanns and not det finns?


"Det finns" is present tense (There is). "Det fanns" is past tense (There was).


If "det fanns" indicates a permanent location and "var" something more movable and temporary, how does this work for a person on a boat? As a passenger: permanent (at least until the trip is over) or temporary (from the point of the boat and the crew). Or perhaps a cruise line with en läkare on staff as a permanent position?


Why is "Där fanns..." Incorrect. This is one of my persistent weaknesses. Thank you in advance.


"där" mean "there", as in location, not "there" as in "there is". "Det" is an impersonal pronoun, equivalent to "it", in other words, a subject pronoun. For this reason, we need "det" before "fanns". In Swedish, a verb requires a subject in a sentence, and "det" is the subject in this sentence. I hope this helps.


Det är en Doktor. Det är inte läkare

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