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  5. "Hur ser er organisation ut?"

"Hur ser er organisation ut?"

Translation:What does your organization look like?

February 17, 2015



another example of a word being used in a different way with hur meaning what? This is a good reminder of how confusing English is to non English speakers.


'Öre' keeps appearing as an option as if it is an Englush word throughout the Business exercises.


Öre is to kronor as pence is to pounds or cents to dollars or euros.

It is showing up as an english word because there is no english translation, or at least a literal translation isn't really used, just like we tend not to translate kronor and just use it in english too.


Why is "organisation" wrong? Why do I have to type "organization"?


Just an oversight - we accepted z/s equally for two translations but it must have been glanced over for the third one. I've amended that now. :)

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