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So, how good is Duolingo?

For anyone out there who is bilingual: How do the translations look that people make on Duolingo? I was wondering if anything we're doing sounds awkward or is pretty much useless in actuality.

August 15, 2013



English is not my first language, but I'd say the translations end up pretty good, if enough people get involved. There is one major problem, that I think the developers might need to address at some point - that is consistency within a text, where the fact that several people translate the same text might create problems - the same word or phrase being translated differently at different points in the same text. Maybe extra points could be awarded for anyone who takes on the task och checking a finished text...


I think that they probably talk too fast, I'm speaking french fluently and I have tried the french version on Duolinguo and noticed the speed was fast.


In a related vein, how is the pronunciation? I am currently trying to learn French, and I want to make sure that I pronounce it right.


The pronunciatation are ''good'' but if you put it in a whole sentence its harder to understand. But the lesson's are still a good way learning French though. ;)

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