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Overly repetitive practice getting worse?

I know this has been mentioned before, and I recall someone saying that DuoLingo is aware of the problem and is working on it, but I swear it's getting worse. When I click "strengthen skills" now, I never seem to get trained on more than two, max three words (and sentences containing those words). I know ett brev, and I know en slips, and I don't need to practice them anymore, but that's all I get. I am at level 8 in Swedish and have gotten as far as adjectives 1, but I'm only getting practice words from the first few lessons. When I strengthen individual skills, it's the same. Just one or two words from the whole thing, nothing else.

This essentially makes these "strengthen" exercises worthless. I'm not learning anything new, just memorizing the same few sentences over and over again. I have to do my own practice in a notebook, but it's not the same as doing it through the system, getting that instant feedback, and I'm learning a lot more slowly than I know I could. I keep finding myself having trouble with basic words, simply because I haven't had the chance to practice them in ages.

I've seen a lot of changes happening on the site recently, such as telling you how you've done compared to other users and, when you make a mistake translating a sentence, it sometimes even tells you what your mistaken translation would look like in Swedish. These are great features and I'm pleased to see the site growing, but I really wish they'd prioritize fixing this repetition problem. None of these new features are helpful if I'm not able to practice what I need to practice.

So can anyone tell me if they're really working on this or not? When can I start using the practice for real, and not just to keep my skills gold (even though I haven't really learned more than a few words in each of them)?

February 17, 2015



It seems to me that the words I get perfect the first time never come back... even if I were hovering over the word the first time to get translation to type it in.


Dear Duolingo, I am German level 7. Please don't test me on "der Apfel" anymore. I got that one. I promise! :)


Same experience here. Although I just started, I found the "strengthen skills" exercises quite repetitive, with very few word repeated over and over again, and not properly mixed up, as I would expect. I think airavj is right, and this is a serious problem not only crushing one's motivation, but also giving false feedback (and hence false confidence) concerning one's skills.


Same problem here. Every time I try this feature Duo asks me what "en familj" is. ;(

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