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"Der er rigtigt mange vindmøller i Danmark."

Translation:There are a great many windmills in Denmark.

February 17, 2015



I'm a bit miffed that when I translated this as "There really are a lot of windmills in Denmark" and the only translation allowed was "There are a lot of windmills in Denmark" - which does not show why "rigtig" was used in Danish. I understand that in some languages, there are idiomatic 'empty' words, but surely this is here for emphasis...?


I tried "there is a real lot of windmills..." maybe too colloquial


In english english, it's reasonably common to say "There's a right lot of..."


It's like saying "There are a whole lot of windmills".


Why is it rigtigt mange vindmøller? I ran it past my dad and he couldn't explain it to me either :(

On google "rigtigt mange" = 330k results and suggests correction to rigtig mange "rigtig mange" = 2,9m results


I'm still confused about this, I've continued to look for an answer and have only found that the extra t is optional on these gradsadverbialer... see here http://sproget.dk/raad-og-regler/retskrivningsregler/retskrivningsregler/a7-20-39/a7-36-39-adverbier-og-adverbialer/a7-38-adverbialer-dannet-af-adjektiver-pa-ig-eller-lig

If anyone could jump in with an explanation I'd really appreciate it


I also get confused by when to add a "t". I'm surprised others haven't commented on this. I looked at your link (thank you) but I can't say that I totally get it now. And the "freedom of choice" it mentions is confusing.


Can we have wind turbines here as I think that is what is meant? Wind turbines are used for generating power and windmills are used for grinding grain, but i think they are both called vindmøller in Danish.


You are right, I have added it in now. Though I think this one could be referring to either, or possibly even both, as Denmark also has got a lot of windmills


It didn't accept my answer of "so many" which I think is more common than saying "a great many" which sounds a little old fashioned now.


Great is not one of the options listed for rigtig. Really is. So I put "there are really a lot of windmills in Denmark" and it was marked wrong. I have reported it.

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