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  5. "Il terzo bambino."

"Il terzo bambino."

Translation:The third child.

February 17, 2015


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Why is "bambino" = "boy" marked wrong? It could just as easily mean boy as child.


See my comments above.


I am going to add my two cents here. As users of Duolingo it is our privilege to improve the program by reporting "my answer should be accepted" That is how the program learns. It may take some time if the answer is worthy of being included among the other correct responses someone will eventually send you an email saying "you suggested this and we now accept it. Thank you for your contribution." I have a whole email folder full of hundreds of those in all of the languages I am studying. Take heart. It works.

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The same could be said of "child." A bigger child of indefinite gender would be called "Ragazzo" as well (at least they are on Italian train and plane tickets). So it is no more (or less) correct to translate "Bambino" as "child" than "boy."


I would have to politely disagree. :) It is like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. A «bambino» (baby boy) is a «ragazzo» (boy) just because he is not a «ragazza», but a «ragazzo» (boy) is not a «bambino» (baby boy). Call any Italian-speaking 10-year-old a «bambino», and you will witness the indignant response you would get. :D

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The point is, "boy" can be used to describe a baby in English (at least for male babies! :)) without prejudice. Since the error was marked wrong in the english translation, Duo is making an unnecessary extra distinction in English.


Ah, I see what you mean. I wonder if it would have still marked you wrong had you said "baby boy." You are right; the distinction is not necessarily made in English, but I suppose in Italian it is an important distinction. :)

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I think "baby boy" was listed an acceptable answer.


I think the real problem here is that some items translate "bambino" as boy. While it's acceptable to make the distinction between "boy" and "baby boy" it needs to be consistent.


But I called a 10 year old girl ragazza to her mother and she quickly corrected me and said she was a bambina.


How do you have that many streaks?


Why is the word bambino is refered as SON in this exercise? SON has been refered as figlio in all the others exercises...


Mainly because, if you have a child and it is a boy («bambina» would be a girl), it would be your son. It's the same difference between "son" and "baby boy." The baby boy is someone's son.


But isn't "the third boy" also correct, like "(he was) the third boy in the group"?


I would say no. Only «ragazzo» means "boy." The word «bambino» emphasizes the "baby-ness" of the child, whereas "boy" does not capture that. "Boy" could simply mean a 10-year-old male child, whereas, in Italian, he would no longer be a «bambino», but a «ragazzo». :)


Boy does mean bambino, I have to protest


I do think duolingo translated "bambina" as "girl" in another exercise though... I'm guessing this is a discrepancy on the part of the creators. Thanks for the explanation


Shinji Ikari, The third child.


Anyone reminded of The Third Man from this one?


well, the third mouse anyway . . . I've only seen the Pinky and the Brain parody :)


Should "The third LITTLE boy" be accepted?


Can i put: la terza bambina?


I don't see why not. :)


Here we go again - The third boy: marked wrong! Should be accepted


The less sinister sequel to, 'The Third Man.'

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