"Jag skrev en ansökning."

Translation:I wrote an application.

February 17, 2015

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Is this like a job application (writing words) or a software application (writing code)? Or both?


Like a job application. A software app is callen en app.


In that case, i suggest that "I filled out an application" should be accepted. "I wrote an application" does not naturally mean this; it rather implies the software application usage.


In India, writing an application would usually refer to writing a letter to a school authority, like a teacher or the principal, by a student or a parent.


I should have clarified that i am in the U.S. Here, we would never say "I wrote an application" to mean "I applied for some position". We might say, "I wrote up an application", "I submitted an application", "I filled out an application", et al.

The two candidate meanings for "I wrote an application" here are:

  1. "I authored a software application."

  2. "I authored an application form that others will fill in."

The latter is quite a stretch but it is at least plausible in some scenarios.

"I wrote an application" cannot mean "I filled out an application form" here.


I know I'm late here but I wouldn't use this for filling out an application form in Swedish, either - that would be fyllde i, so a direct cognate.

This phrase, in the context of job applications, I would presume would be about somebody actually writing an application letter, or at least some kind of body of text.


I was wondering the same in the "school" topic, it confused me :D


Adding that a software application can also be ett program (the normal word for desktop applications, en app is usually used about mobile applications.)

[deactivated user]

    Could the answer also be "I completed an application"? One generally doesn't say in English "I wrote..." but rather "I applied for..."


    Arguably, I guess, but I'd probably phrase that e.g. jag gjorde klart or similar in Swedish.


    In english, we usually say "submitted an application". How would you say submitted in this sentence?


    That would be lämnade in or skickade in.


    Ansökan or ansökning?


    Both are fine.


    Why not 'I was writing an application'?


    Swedish doesn't differentiate between the progressive and the simple past, so it should be accepted. Report it if it still isn't accepted.


    I added it nine months ago. :)


    The TTS sounds very disjointed here, almost like "Jag skrev. en. an. sö. kning." - Is this just Duolingo messing up the TTS again, or is that how it's actually supposed to be pronounced?


    No, it's the TTS messing up. I'm a native speaker and it sounded robotic to me too.


    Is the English translation correct? Does the Swedish phrase mean "I composed the application form (to give to applicants)"?

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