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  5. "Fuair an cailín grád A."

"Fuair an cailín grád A."

Translation:The girl got an A grade.

February 17, 2015



Could this formulation also be used the translate the more commonly said in North America "the girl got an A"?


That's exactly what I put, and it was accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Bhain an cailín grád A amach is an alternative.


    How would the A be pronounced? The same as in english? Or like an a fada?


    It would be pronounced the same way as the word "a" in Irish meaning his/her/their. It would not be pronounced "ay" as in English


    Why isn't it "Fuair an cailin an grad A"? (Sorry, Cannot insert the appropriate accent markers.) An cailin is the girl. Ergo, since all along we have had it drummed into us not to forget the an for the...why is it missing here? Just a tad confused. LOL

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    an cailín - "the girl"
    an grád - "the grade"

    Fuair an cailín grád A - "The girl got an A grade"
    Fuair an cailín an grád A - "The girl got the A grade"


    Ahhh yes. An is 'the'. Not an. My silly mistake. Thank you for clarifying so well. Appreciate your time and effort.

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