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  5. "Het konijn zit in jouw hoed."

"Het konijn zit in jouw hoed."

Translation:The rabbit is sitting in your hat.

February 17, 2015



could an english translation be "the rabbit sits in your hat"?


Yes, that is accepted too.

Not that you can also leave out the "sitting" altogether and translate "zitten" as 'to be'. See here for an explanation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5785064


You should sit on the hat, not in


But well, I have realized that in fact, a rabbit can also sit in the hat. So Maybe We are all wrong.


Yes that what I was thinking. When I began this excersice. I saw "in jouw hoed" I was going to write "in your hat", but then I thought it has to be "On your hat", And I thought that grammatical structure was different in Dutch. But then I got it wrong. ????????????????


Then why is there a rabbit in my hat?????!

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