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Suggestion: Don't include words we haven't learnt yet

So my method of using Duolingo is usually to attempt a topic until I pass it, and then go back and practice that topic (and sometimes others too) before moving onto the next skill.

However, I've noticed that words keep cropping up that I haven't come across yet. For example, I've currently completed all the modules up to 'household' in the Spanish tree. I haven't yet looked at any of the household lessons. Despite this, when practicing 'sizes' I kept getting words like bed and kitchen.

Does anyone else have this happen to them?

August 15, 2013



When I do a lesson over again, I run into new words, too. They don't even go in my Vocabulary, though, which is what bothers me. If I go through the lesson a few times, I may run into that word again... And it is counted as a new word, again. Still not in the Vocab.

I've started calling them Phantom Words.


It happens to me all the time on the Spanish tree. They revamped it and it needs a lot of work. I am having to repeat lessons for just one word, sometimes. New words keep popping up, and says it is new, but is not added to my vocabulary. For excample I had to do one more lesson in 'colors' There was not one color in that lesson that was not allready in my skill tree. The only word it showed that was new was 'lips' which means 'labios' in Spanish, but It was not added to my vocabulary. So from now own I will just refer to them as 'phantom words', as you do. Thanks!


Constantly. And it's very frustrating, especially when I have to translate a word from English. It's one thing to just not remember the word, it's another to not know it or its gender (in the case of nouns).


I think I know what causes that problem, or at least contributes to it. In German, I learned "Der Vater" in a Pronouns skill. Well, that word is primarily from the "Family" skill, but they included it in a different one anyway. Once I had the family skill unlocked, even though I hadn't done any lessons in that skill, I was getting words from that skill in my old lessons because the word "Der Vater" was included in it, so it counted me as having started that skill since I knew Vocabulary from it.

Right now, even though I haven't started it at all, it shows me as having at least 1 gold bar in my next skill, which means some words from that skill are going to show up in my old lessons now. Hopefully it's something they can fix, because it is annoying to have to have guess sometimes on these words simply because they thought you already knew them.


I initially thought the problem was just confined to this specific scenario, but I've been seeing words appear that haven't already been in the vocab list of a skill that I haven't started.

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