"Sju sorters kakor."

Translation:Seven kinds of cookies.

February 17, 2015

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I want to point out that this is a whole concept in Sweden. Traditionally, you were supposed to serve at least seven kinds of cookies during the kafferep that was sort of the precursor of the modern day fika.

There is also a book with the same title which is one of the biggest bestsellers of any category in Sweden.


Du hjälper så mycket


An excellent tradition :)


Just to be a pedant, the correct English grammar is "seven kinds of cookie".


I'm a little confused as to when to use sort vs sorts vs sorters. Is it just singular vs plural or is there more to it?


sort is the singular
sorts and sorters are genitive, singular and plural respectively.
The genitive is used like of here, so
en sorts 'a/one kind of'
några sorters 'some kinds of'
And the simple, non-genitive versions:
en sort 'a kind'
två sorter 'two kinds'


Tack! That's super helpful :)


I can't think of a sentence where you would use the non-genitive versions of the word, could someone give an example of such a construction?


Vilken sort är det?


Still confusing but I am stupid so hardly surprising


So there's no difference between "cookie" and "cake"? (Cake was accepted)


Yes this seems strange to me since they're definitely very different things in English.


I think that "en kaka" used to be something rather simple (flour, sugar & butter), but nowadays even bigger cakes with for example berries and whipped cream can be called "kaka":

kladdkaka med hallon och vispgrädde

If it has several layers, it's normally called "tårta" though:



Aha, tack, men nu gör du mig hungrig!


vad är skillnanden mellan slags och sorters?


None, I think. But it is important to remember that "slag" is an ett-word and "sort" is an en-word. So, it is "ett slags hund" even though "hund" is an en-word. It is a very common mistake, also by Swedes, to say "en slags hund" instead.

By the way, your Swedish is very good! But you are not Swedish, are you?


Lång historia - skriver åt en kompis.


To reply to Jarrett further up these comments: Perhaps it's a British English vs American English thing but having this in plural here looks wrong to me. "There are seven types of cookie on the plate." "I can only think of seven types of cookie!"


I can't quite wrap my head around sorter being in genitive here. Can somebody elaborate on why it's not "sju sorter av kakor", which would make more sense? I don't really get why it should be "seven of types cookie". Is this just how this construct works in Swedish and if so, are there more things like this?


It might help to consider the English construction as a possessive: "types OF cookies". It's not quite true but it's essentially the same construction, and that's how Swedish treats it. And Swedish can only phrase possession as "the x's y", not as "the y of x", so we need the other construction for the possessive.

For similar phrasing that isn't possessive, Swedish does use av, med, etc. For instance: sju bitar av tårtan = seven pieces of the cake, where the av denotes pieces of a whole.

Then again, if you use a synonym, you do use the other construction so maybe I'm grasping at straws - I'm honestly not entirely sure. That is: sju typer av kakor.


I think I struggle with the same problem as Kvist. Changing “the y of x” to “the x’s y” wouldn’t give you “sorters kakor” but “kakors sorter”. (e.g. “the Prime Minister of Sweden” becomes “Sveriges statsminister” not “statsministers Sverige”). Is this just how Swedish works in this case, that you have to put the types into the genitive instead of the cookies? And are there more examples than sorters and slags which I found in this thread? Could you also say “Sju bitars tårta” or “Sju typers kakor”?


You're right: sorters is a bit of a special case. Normally, it doesn't function this way - I was just hoping it'd help, but maybe I should have phrased that differently. :)


No worries! It helped in part. With your last answer I think I have completely understood it. Thank you so much!


I can't get used to this flaw of Duolingo: I never actively learned the word 'sorters' on Duolingo. So theoretically I don't know the word at all. But I dó get it as a listen-and-write-down question, which is a little weird from an educational point of view off course...


It is very, very annoying... and it happens in all courses. A system flaw, for sure.


Interesting that the -rs ending of "sorters" isn't a retroflex sound here. Is that correct? It seems to contradict this source: http://www.glottopedia.org/index.php/Swedish_Phonology#Retroflex_Consonants_2

EDIT: I can hear it in slow speed, so maybe it is less noticeable to me at full speed. Most of the time, in other lessons, it is very pronounced.


Is this used figuratively as well?


Not commonly, no, but I could see it happen.


Is there a reasons that 'Seven types of cookies' is incorrect?


We actually do accept that.


It was marked wrong for me just now.


If it happens again that an obviously correct answer is not accepted, please consider leaving an error report. That way, I can either see what's wrong or send it to the developers as a bug.


I always thought cookies were små kakor

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