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type of spanish

Which type of spanish does duolingo teach? I heard there are three types

August 15, 2013



There are many types and sub- types. Duo is pretty much Mexican, not European Spanish, not Argentine Spanish. The kind you learn here is closer to what the vast majority of people speak than the other two, but you'll be fine conversing with just about any Spanish speaker in the world; if you can understand them, they'll understand you.


It would be nice of Duo to inform about this, huh? ;)


The decision to not specify the type of Spanish is mine. I am a native Spanish speaker and I do not think this matters almost at all. Further, if you're an actual stickler, there are hundreds of types of Spanish variants (multiple for every country that speaks it). Even saying Mexican Spanish would not be accurate, as it changes from the south to the north.


My mom works with a lot of Spaniards, hence why we are both taking the Spanish lessons on here. The Spanish lessons on Duolingo are certainly different than European Spanish, however, whenever my mom tries to say something to one of her co-workers, they understand her and politely correct her. They understand that she's learning and appreciate her making the attempt to learn Spanish.

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