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  5. "Hij wordt vader."

"Hij wordt vader."

Translation:He is becoming a father.

February 17, 2015



How would you say "He is becoming father" like you would say about your older brother taking up the traits and habits of your dad as he ages. That is what I saw this as.


You would specify that he is becoming just like his father, or that he is just like his father.

  • Hij wordt net (zo)als zijn vader - He is becoming just like his father
  • Hij is net zijn vader - He is just like his father.
  • Hij lijkt steeds meer op zijn vader - He looks more and more like his father


Regarding why 'vader' here lacks an 'een' before it...is this because 'vader' is here is here treated like a profession (which I recall don't typically take articles)?


according to the translation, wordt = "is, becoming, being" so why isn't "He is a father" correct?


Ah, those hints are confusing, I will fix them.

"Wordt" can sometimes be translated as "is" or "is being", but only in a special construction (the passive voice). In this sentence, that translation is not applicable, the subject is not yet a father.

Duolingo decided to put "is" on top of the list of hints, since the 'best translation' contains the words "is becoming". It's an annoying technical glitch.


Thanks for the clarification.


Beware of the dark side

Pas op voor de donkere kant


Ik ben jouw Vader!.... Een slechte Vader... Darth Vader


Which nouns do not require an article before them?


So why isn't it "Hij wordt een vader"?


Why: "he is becoming a father" and not he is becoming father?


In English, you need an article, 'a' (or in other circumstances, 'the') before father or it is grammatically incorrect.


I didn't know... Specially because English is not my mother tongue. Anyway, sometimes Duolingo is a bit flexible and not with this that is a common mistake for English learners.


I honestly think that duo lingo often doesn't include possible English translations. To say he is becoming father would be totally correct depending on the situation. For instance, one could say "He is son to me, now he is becoming father"


Why is it just 'Hij wordt vader'? Why not 'Hij wordt een vader' like it is in english, he is becoming 'a father' and not just 'father'?


Apparently nobody knows the answer lol


Why not "hij wordt een vader"? Where does the "a" come from?


Why wouldn't we use "aan het" in the sentence, since is some form of continuous?


guess the sentence: hij is vader aan het worden, would be a correct sentence, though it would imply that he is becomming father right at this moment. so like his wife is giving birth right now. though, it is not a sentence I would normally use.

hij wordt vader, means his wife is pregnant (or whoever else he got pregnant)


hij wordt vader, met de kat van de buren


van de kat van de buren? :D


hij wordt vader VAN het kind van de buurvrouw! would be possible :P what are you implying he is doing with the poor cat?? :P


De sneeuwman wordt water.


The suggested answer seems a bit odd to me. I suppose it would be correct if it was said somewhere between the start and the end of the process where his partner is actually giving birth. But if his partner is pregnant, I would say: 'He is going to become a father.'


I presume that the Dutch sentence implies that he is going to be a father at some time in the future. However, the translation given does seem a bit odd -- it would be applicable if it was said sometime between the start and the end of the process of giving birth by his partner. But if his partner is pregnant with the prospect of birth at some time in the future, I would say: 'He is going to become a father.', or : 'He is going to be a father.' would be more apt.

[deactivated user]

    Hes transitioning into the role


    Spoken at the regular pace, it sounded like "Hij hoort vader", not "hij wordt vader" to me. It was only when I listened to it at the slower pace after getting my answer marked incorrect that I heard "Hij wordt vader".


    Why ''He becomes father'' is wrong? :/


    Why not Hij wordt een vader?


    In english we would say that


    In english we would say that he is an expectant father or he is going to be a father. Become is not used in continuous form.

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