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"Du kan ikke efterlade mig her."

Translation:You cannot leave me here.

February 17, 2015



Is there a difference between efterlade and forlade?


Yes, but the difference can be hard to see. Efterlade has the strictest definition and is only used in the sense of "leaving something behind without taking it with you" be it an object or a person. The object or person will remain in the original place. "She leaves a note on the table" would use efterlade "Hun efterlader en seddel på bordet".

Forlade is used more loosely as in "going away from something" without specifying what is happening to the object or person as with "efterlade". It often means to simply leave an area or an event as in "hun forlader huset" (she leaves the house) or "hun forlader festen" (she leaves the party)

I hope it makes sense; please ask for clarification if necessary! :)

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No, that was quite clear! But... :-) The difference between the two is the same in my language. We could say 'Han efterlader sit hus' if he had to run, and never return. Could you use it like that in Dansk?


Would you use "efterlade" if you were saying, "the accident left scars" or "her mockery left him heartbroken"?


So in my previous example:

"I wish to leave my dogs with you" ---> Jeg ønsker forlade min husker med dig.

If I was giving my dogs to someone that I plan to never take them back again from, it would then become the other word?


Yes, you would then use efterlade.


"Jeg ønsker at forlade mine hunde...", tror jeg.


I honestly have been struggling with this one since I started learning Danish. And I am stil at the same point. :( Could you please explain a little bit more? What does leaving behind mean?


At Efterlade / to leave behind (something) Forlade / leave or abandon


"can not" er også rigtigt.


Why does the translation say " You MUST not leave me here " when the danish phrase is " du kan ikke efterlaeder mig her "? I would imagine the proper translation is " you can't leave me here ".

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