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Really learning english!

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Here are some tips that may help you from my own experience!

1#Think in english!Try to think about the things in your dailybasis in english

2#Choose english!Change your facebook, twitter, phone, computer to english

3#Watch movies, especially TV series in english with english subtitles

4#Read the things that interest you in english.For example: If you're a businessman, you must read about it! www.entrepreneur.com(site tip)

5#Be passionate to understand more and more!Be motivated!Learn a language is about to learn the culture, the history of the respective country!

6#Find someone to practice your english, especially the listening and speaking

7#You'll make mistakes. Sometimes you'll write wrong or pronounce wrong.Don't be afraid of it and just keep improving!

8#Some videos worth watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0yGdNEWdn0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WLHr1_EVtQ

That's all guys! I hope you enjoy it!

3 anos atrás

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Watch movies, especially TV series, in english with english subtitles, and read the things that interest you in english. Very good advice!

3 anos atrás


Thanks for the advice!

3 anos atrás


Oh good man, I read almost all text perfectly in portuguese, thanksssssss. Remember, CHOOSE english, THINK english.

3 anos atrás


Very good! Nice tips!

3 anos atrás


dude I already knew that but congratulations for that fucking awesome tip

3 anos atrás


Write songs (or parts), translate them with the help of dictionary, and sing them is also a good tip.

3 anos atrás