What happened to the pieces of the web that we could translate?

August 15, 2013


Oh, when the article is fully translated and checked, it gets sold, and a website buys it. Or sometimes a website gives Duolingo a article to translate and they will pay Duolingo for it when the article is done. That's how Duolingo makes money. We translate for them and they teach us a language :)

Haha cool, thanks :) But where can you translate articles?

Immersion section... You will see a tab at the top of your window.

Have you seen any Italian articles provided by a website?

Well I can get you loads more if you like...

I know about Wikipedia. I was wondering about a website in Italian that actually asked Duolingo for a translation.

Then shouldn't you post a discussion about that?

I don't think they sell them to other websites I think they sell it to Duolingo

No actually they pay Duolingo. It says somewhere...

On, the home page, click on the video.

I just saw it you are correct I'm sorry for trying to prove you wrong 1bimic

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