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  5. "Você quer um cobertor?"

"Você quer um cobertor?"

Translation:Do you want a blanket?

February 18, 2015



Mmmm..... Shouldn't cover be accepted?


If "cover" works as a synonym of "blanket", I believe it should, but then it could get quite difficult to translate.


"Cover" is definitely a synonym of blanket and should be accepted. Am reporting it.


I've also reported it but why bother? Duolingo doesn't fix these. You reported it 5 months ago, it would take about 15 seconds to fix but nobody cares.


I don't think it's that nobody cares. I have the feeling there just aren't enough people on staff. Corrections do get done, but it takes a long time. Once in a while I'll get an email from Duo saying a suggestion has been used, so I continue to report and hope they'll get around to it eventually.


Remember that Duolingo is free. How can you criticize something which costs you nothing?

There are different systems where you can pay to learn, as well. The options are out there.


se o cobertor não fala, eu quero um...


Cover was used as the translation when they sprung it on us a dozen sentences ago.


It seems the word is a cognate for 'cover' but then I have to remember to write 'blanket'.


Is cobertor also an EU PT word?


Why is Voçê quer um Cobertor? not "You want a cover?" Duo ways requires the auxiliary verb "do," but the question *You want a cover" doesn't ways need it.


Don't require the auxiary verb "do". You want a Cover is a perfectly valid question.


You want a cover? is acceptable in an informal register of English. Duo tends to err on the side of formal in accepting or rejecting answers, ESPECIALLY in the case of questions with or without the auxiliary verb do.

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