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Request for help with Spanish direct and indirect object pronouns

This section is very difficult for me. Are there any good supplemental websites that can explain it?

August 15, 2013



If you are serious about studying Spanish for the long term and want to make a good investment, i recommend the grammar book ´A new reference Grammar of Modern Spanish´ by John butt and Carmen benjamin. It was a required material for my university Spanish degree and all the professors owned a copy. I bought one from Amazon about 5 years ago and it has been worth every penny. Every single grammar doubt I have ever had in the years since has always been answered in there and it´s very comprehensive but still easy to understand.


Try and borrow the following book from your local library - Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions, Second Edition (Practice Makes Perfect (McGraw-Hill)) [Paperback] I found it really good as it is illustrated with plenty of examples and explanations. Also once you get confident and need extra practice see Quizlet.com for some exercises. Good luck


Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into those.

I seem to have two problems: 1. when to put the "a" at the front of the sentence, and 2. when to use "a ella" or something similar at the end, because it often seems redundant.


This part of grammar is known as "Personal a" in Spanish. There are many links explaining this ,just google "Personal a" . Here's one explanation ;


Also remember this is a problem area for everyone who learns Spanish as a foreign language ,with practice you'll get used to when and when not it applies.

Good luck.

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