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  5. "Hvilket legetøj er dit?"

"Hvilket legetøj er dit?"

Translation:Which toy is yours?

February 18, 2015



the t at the end of hvilket was totally inaudible.


In eastern Denmark, the T in the word "hvilket" is normally pronounced like the soft D [ð] and therefore it is not always clearly audible. I can hear it, being a native speaker, but I agree that it may be difficult for a learner to hear in this sentence. If you listen closely again, you may be able to hear the sound of the soft D. I don't know about the western dialects.


It's the same in Jutland :)


Mange tak, mads-lime. Here's a lingot for you.


so tøj is for cloth and legetøj is for... toy. okay, danish, gotcha.

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