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Nos bebemos versus bebemos

Is there a difference in meaning between:

"Nos bebemos agua" versus "Bebemos agua"

similarly, between

"eu gosto de chocolate" versus "gosto de chocolate"

Since the verb conjugates according to who is doing the action it's not necessary to add in the pronoun but many people add it in anyway, so I guess it's optional. My question is, does adding in the pronoun make any difference to the meaning, e.g. by adding in some kind of emphasis to the action.

August 15, 2013



Yes, adding the pronoun is sometimes necessary to highlight something, to contrast ideas or to avoid confusion...For instance: Gosta de café (Ele, ela, você, a gente gosta de café = He, she, you, we like coffee)


paulenrique is right but im sure bebemos agua is fine cause bebemos already implies its you and someone else

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