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  5. "Läget är allvarligt."

"Läget är allvarligt."

Translation:The situation is serious.

February 18, 2015



What is the difference between "läget" and "situation"?


They mean more or less the same. Not much of a difference.


But läget can also just mean a location, right? (e.g. where a house is located: husets läge.) Can situation also hold that meaning in Swedish?


This is admittedly just spitballing and mental gymnastics--but another way of saying where something is located is saying that it is "situated" somewhere. By extension, a "situation" can also mean location (as seen in this dictionary definition):

  • the location and surroundings of a place. "the situation of the town is pleasant"
  • synonyms: location, position, spot, site, setting, environment; technicallocus

I don't think it is often used this way in English, but it seems the Swedish word keeps that association.


I'm comfortable with the fact that the English word situation can hold both those meanings. I take it from your final sentence that Zmrzlina's comment that the two Swedish words läge and situation mean the same thing does apply to both meanings: location and state of affairs. Cheers.


Oh! I thought they were asking about läget still. My apologies.


No need to apologise. I was just slightly puzzled by your answer :)


Or as the famous Austrian playwriter Nestroy said, "die Lage ist hoffnungslos, aber nicht ernst."


People also say läget for "what's up?". That seems really odd just saying "the situation!" to your friend haha


It is an abbreviation of the sentence "Hur är läget [i dag]?" - "How is your [current] situation?"


I wrote "The team is serious" xD.

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I wrote "The location is serious" thinking why the hell would they use "serious" to describe a location. Then I got it wrong. And the correction was "position" instead of "location", which also doesn't seem right.


I wrote it, but I justified it thinking that maybe it was like a real estate agent telling some clients that they were serious about a house's location.


Why is "the location is serious" wrong? I thought it could refer to a doctor talking about a tumor which could be hard to extract. If läget can mean both situation and location, isn't my interpretation possible?

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