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What's your favourite word in Portuese?

My favourite word in Portuguese is definitely "pois". It's such a funny sounding word and I often just say it to make myself laugh. Make sure to block your nose to get the optimal nasal sound.

what does pois mean anyway? From the way I've heard it used, it seems to be the equivalent of "sure sure" or "of course" in English.

August 15, 2013



I like "tubarão" because it doesn't sound intimidating at all. "Shark" is so scary, but I reckon I could be friends with a tubarão. (And if we put faith in Duolingo's sentences then Tubarões are more than happy to talk, especially with boys).


lol :D True dat. Now that I think about it, at least for me...every word with the ão sound seems, well. Kind of cute. It might be because it reminds me of "meow", so I think of cats.


nice see these comments from non-natives... things we dont stop to think about...


LOL I'm going to try to start up a conversation with the first shark I see when I go to brazil.

Hopefully I won't run into any.


That's funny because for natives this is quite the contrary, because ão is the suffix for big - so big house: casarão, big boss: chefão, big black man: negão (http://www.abolicao.com/images/negao.jpg - I wouldn't mess with this guy). Tubarão sounds very intimidating for us.


Pois = porque, uma vez que, então, mas (because, once, then, but) Further information: http://www.dicio.com.br/pois/


What about "Pois não?" and "Pois não!" Correct me if I am wrong but I heard that depending on the intonation the first one translates as "Posso ajudar?" and the second one, (with no question mark), as "Sure!" I've always think that's actually kind of funny / interesting, when the exactly the same words have two completely different meanings.


oh yeah, even more impressive when we notice it is a negative sentence having an affirmative meaning!!... also, when someone answers the phone, he may say "pois não?" meaning "hello"


How often do you use "Pois é" in Brazil? According to my understanding, it seems like such a lazy response... :p


"Pois é" is very common in Brazil when you want to show you agree with the person you're talking too, like "é mesmo" ("Você viu os noticiários sobre os terremotos no Japão?" / "Pois é, e você viu a quantidade de feridos?"...)


I have to agree with you there, the sound of "pois" with an accent from Portugal or Rio de Janeiro, (Poi-sh) always made me chuckle inside a little, I don't know why. And I mean that in a good way! I secretly wish I could put pois in any sentence I speak but I'm not too confident about when to use it, since it seems to have so many meanings. :p I don't really have a favorite word, but from time to time I'll encounter a word that just sits there in my head. Recently, I guess it's been "enxaqueca" (migraine) because it's just so....strange sounding to me! (Probably because from what I heard it's a word that's been influenced by arabic)


This /sh/sound for the letter S is a bit annoying to anyone, including natives (:)) There are some words I think "funny" like "requifife, topos noetós" among others, and others I really find beautiful and I enjoy using =)


Pfft, nah but I like it! :P to me the hard "sszz" sound isn't as nice, no offence! I guess I might be a little biased since I learned EU Portuguese pronounciation first.


my favourite used to be São João. Two nasal sounds together used to make me laugh and I still can´t do it properly.


My favorite word is saudade. I think it might be one of the words that made me want to learn portuguese in the first place...


saudade... wonderful words and takes many meanings.. ;)


My favorite word in Portuguese is geleia. I love the sound of [ʒ].

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