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"vor Beginn nächsten Jahres" (declension)

I came across this in a text ("Ich werde vor Beginn nächsten Jahres wissen, ob..."). I take it the meaning is "I will know before next year, whether..."

According to my declension table, it should be "vor Beginn nächstes Jahres" or "vor Beginn des nächsten Jahres". Could anyone please explain me why it's not?

November 30, 2012

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"vor Beginn des nächsten Jahres" is correct as well. Actually in the original sentence the "des" was just left out, to make the sentence shorter. But I find, that it sounds better, wenn you keep it in there.

I unfortunately can't tell you why, but "vor Beginn nächstes Jahres" is definitely wrong. I thin it's because it's Genetiv. The Question you have to ask is "vor wessen Beginn? - Der Beginn [des] nächten Jahres" (before whose beginning? The beginning of [the] next year)

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