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"Romanforfatterne kan godt lide at bruge tiden i en havestol."

Translation:The novelists like to spend the time in a garden chair.

February 18, 2015



"spend the time" doesn't sound like a good English to me. Wouldn't "spend time" be better?


If you say 'spend the time' it'd be good to know what time. 'The' time they have off from work, 'the' time they ought to be at work, 'the' time they have. To me it'd make more sense to say 'spend time', just in general.


If the English sentence used only "spend time", the Danish "tiden" would need to change to the indefinite "tid" instead. This, like in English, is used as a way of saying that they generally like being in a garden chair. "tiden" is definite and refers to a specific period of time, like adamyoung97 says.


This must be an enormous chair is your spend time in it!

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