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Hebrew Time #7 - Nature

Hello everyone!

שלום לכולם!

Welcome to Hebrew Time #7! This week we will be learning some nature words!

For those of us who are joining now – Hebrew Time is a series of weekly posts about the Hebrew language:)

You can see the previous post here.

This week, we’re going to try something a little different. Instead of giving you a word, the word in Hebrew and then the word in Hebrew but transliterated into English, we’re going to get rid of the transliteration and link you to to an audio of the word for you to listen to (courtesy of forvo.com). Just right-click on the Hebrew word and open up the forvo page for that word in another tab. To listen to a pronunciation, just click the blue arrow next to the word. Sometime there is more than one to choose from, listen to them all! Sometimes the recording or pronunciation for this word is really bad, so instead I will link you to a much better recording that has that word in it and tell you which word you are listening for. E.g For “tree” I will link you to the recording for “apple” (as in Hebrew you can call it a “tree apple”) and I will write in brackets (“apple” 2nd word). In this case, I try to pick recordings that include words that you will have learned in previous Hebrew Times:)

“Why???” we hear you cry out, “how could you??!?!” Well, let’s face it, the transliterations are not really conducive to learning, they’re just convenient. They encourage you to think about and read the word in an incorrect way and will make your ability to pronounce words in Hebrew much worse, plus they discourage putting in the effort to actually reading the word in Hebrew. Besides, hopefully you’ve all been following along and know your alphabet by now, if not our post on the alphabet is here. For today, don’t worry too much about reading all the words precisely, just chillax, lean back, listen to the words and try and repeat them:) See if you can match up what you’re hearing with what you’re seeing. Next week’s post might help with this, but I can’t say why as Dvir has sworn me to secrecy - he says that it’s going to be a surprise:)

Ready? Let’s get started…

The North - הצפון

Mountain - הר (“Mount Sinai”, 1st word)

Forest - יער

Tree - עץ (“apple”, 2nd word)

Bush - שיח

Flower - פרח Fun but irrelevant fact: This was my first word:)

Stream - נחל

River - נהר

Lake - אגם Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is also the word for “pond”. In Israel, there’s not much difference:D

The South - הדרום (“garden of the south” 2nd word)

Desert - מדבר

Sand - חול

Earth - אדמה ...which is where the name Adam comes from...

Valley - עמק

Rock - אבן (“Yehuda’s Rock” 1st word)

Sun - שמש

Air - אויר

Winter words - מילים של חורף

Here are some words you might not need to use that often in Israel…:)

Rain - גשם

Cloud - ענן

Snow - שלג

That’s it for now!

Here’s another tongue twister:) See if you can work out how to say it…

Sarah sings a happy song - שׂרה שרה שיר שמח

We can't finish without telling you:


See you later!

That was the seventh Hebrew Time, thanks for joining us! Hooray!

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Thanks DvirBartov for helping me write this post!

That's it!

עד שבוע הבא!

Until next week!

February 18, 2015



What a great idea! I really appreciate all the audio on rajuncajun's course, too.


I have to say I'm seriously relieved that everyone thinks that the audio links are good idea:D It's quite a bit more work for us (and you!), but better in the long run I feel:) If I have more time next time's it's my turn, I might sign up to forvo and contribute new recordings of the ones that sound crappy.


That would be very cool - some of the Forvo audio on several languages leaves much to be desired, and some words are just plain old missing. תודה!


הרעיון של Forvo כתחליף לתעתיקים מצויין!


רעיון מצוין!


A little belatedly, but תודה! I like the audio too even though it is a bit more work for all involved.

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