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Means to add vocabulary and phrases to practice

I was wondering if it would be possible for Duolingo to allow users to add words/phrases that they would like to practice. A number of times I come across a word in italian or other languages offered here, on a newspaper or other media, that I would like to add to my vocabulary but don't have a right medium to do so. Currently the best option is google's phrasebook but it's not really as good in helping me practice that word or phrase.

Current platform that Duo provides seems to randomize words and phrases and put up to the user for practice and it works the best for me, i.e. in an effort to memorize. It'd be great, or rather phenomenal, if Duo would allow us to add phrases that it can then put as part of practice sentences. The user would, of course, be entering the phrase and its meaning. This sentence would then appear in that user's practice sessions and would not affect other user's practice experience.

I would like to know the Duo community's thoughts on this and would certainly appreciate a response from Duo staff. I believe this would be a major step in having Duo users come back more often, after they have finished a skill tree and make better use of the current platform.

August 15, 2013

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I use memrise.com - it does what you are looking for.

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