"Min familj bor i en stor stad."

Translation:My family lives in a big city.

February 18, 2015

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So....what label would you use for Stockholm? Would it be a "stor stad"?

What about Jönkping?

What about Uppsala?

What size city does a Swede think of when hearing the phrase "stor stad"?


This one got me. I typed my family live in a big city and was marked wrong?

I'm pretty sure as an English speaker that i'm right. My family is "they" and they live (not they lives). Maybe if it was my uncle lives, that would be correct as (he lives)

Lives should only be for he and she.

Perhaps its an error or hasn't been added.


Hopefully one of the mods will see your post and add "live" as correct.

Just FYI: In the U.S., we treat "family" as singular, so "lives" is correct for us. I don't know which way the other English-speaking countries go on this.

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"... stor stad": [stur stad] eller [stur shtad]?


Neither. The r and s merge into /ʃ/ (English 'sh'), but the r doesn't linger. It's [stu: ʃtɒ:d], or 'sto shtad' if that's easier to parse :)

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Thanks! Interesting! I love the language. )


Both do work, but it's most common to have the R and S merge into the tje-sound.


Do you pronounce rs and tj the same?


I... think so. Don't you?


No :) <rs> is [ʃ] and <tj> is [ɕ], for me. I actually read not long ago about them being pronounced the same by younger speakers in Stockholm, and I have been keeping my eye open for it since then, because I had never heard anything like it!


I have a (phonetically aware) friend from Uppsala who also says he pronounces them the same. For me, they’re quite distinct at least.


Now I'm a bit too self-aware of my own pronunciation to be able to give you a truthful reply. But I will keep my ears open. :D


I think some people pronounce their 'rs' like their 'sj' (or rather, pronounce the 'sj' like their 'rs') but I've never heard anyone pronounce 'rs' like 'tj' ... but then I'm not an expert.


Another translation is town !! So in swedish there is no difference between town and city ?


No, probably because there are no cities really, maybe except from Stockholm. A "stor stad" can be called a "storstad" (one word!) by the way :).


That seems a little unfair to me - England (which incorporates cities much less freely than the US does) has no towns larger than Gothenburg or Malmo; I believe the largest is Reading, which would be the fourth largest town or city in Wikipedia's list of towns and cities in Sweden, were it actually in Sweden.


We also have only one word in Finnish for city and town, "kaupunki"! "Stor stad" and "storstad" are also called "suuri kaupunki" and "suurkaupunki" respectively, similar to Swedish.


Hej! Is there a difference between 'Stan' and Stad'?

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