"Varför vill min chef inte befordra mig?"

Translation:Why doesn't my boss want to promote me?

February 18, 2015

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Because you're just not the right fit for this company...


Why is "min chef" before "inte"?


You could switch their places and it would be just as fine, i.e."Varför vill inte min chef befordra mig?". The same goes for English as you could just as well say "Why doesn't my boss want to promote me?"

However, I would personally argue that the original version (in both languages) focuses more on the action (the lack of a promotion) rather than the subject (the boss). For example, "Varför vill min chef inte befordra mig?" seems to question why a promotion is not given to you whereas the other version seems more to question why your boss is not the one that gives you a promotion, as if you actually have gotten a promotion from someone other than your boss.


I sort of see what you mean. I will forget this within hours, unfortunately.


I too see what you mean, but you can also convey meaning through the emphasis of different words. Why doesn't my BOSS want to promote me? and Why doesn't my boss want to PROMOTE me? The "not" doesn't move but the meaning changes.


Because I speaker Swedish so badly? :-)


Här kommer Duo att rädda dig :D


Why not "Why won't my boss promote me"?


"won't", as you know, means "will not". But "will" is a false friend with vill - the Swedish word meants "want".


I was just on the App and ‘Varför vill inte min chef befordra mig?’ was accepted. Just wrote that on the website here and was told it should be ‘Varför vill min chef inte...’ ???


This thread is (supposed to be) for the "type what you hear" exercise, in which case you do need to write exactly what the voice says.

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