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Duolingo Irish Immersion


I'm not too far from the end of my tree but never seen any immersion button to date. Does Duolingo have any plans to offer Immersion in Irish/as Gaeilge ?

thanks !

February 18, 2015



Hello! My answer about half way down this thread should help out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6719675 :D


Thanks for the reply, there is a lot in that thread. Pity they don't have plans for Immersion in Irish, I enjoy the tree but would like to try out what I learnt.


You can buy some very useful books in the meantime. It's not exactly immersion, but it really does help, I highly recommend "Learning Irish" by Michael O'Siadhaill, you can buy it on amazon. I did my very first text translation in Irish by using that book, also if you can access it, try doing some brain soaking with some TG4, I was advised to start off with children's programs as the language is a little more basic. It all helps to put it all into practice :)


Write in Irish as often as you can. One mini-project I started a while back is to translate jokes from English to Irish and then post the Irish version on my Irish-language Facebook page. You don't get the feedback you would in an immersion module, but you get to practice and other people get to enjoy the results.

Maybe it's a pen pal. Maybe you make a deal with another Irish learner to write one another once a week. Maybe you start an Irish language blog and write a little bit about your life or what you're thinking about regularly. Don't wait until you're sure you can get it right. It's the practice that's important. Others will just have to deal with your mistakes along the way.


Yes, I'm in the same boat as you, i have a couple of native speakers on my list as well, it's as close as I can get at the moment lol. Hopefully that book helps you out as well :)


If the community wanted to do their own "immersion" through the forums, they could do so by posting articles in Irish and translating them to English. Nuacht RTÉ is probably the best source of articles appropriate to the level of the course. I will try a pilot. Like the actual immersion feature, its success will depend on the community.



Try a ciorcal comhrá you can find one near you on meetups.ie


A few other links that may help. Not really immersion but could help keep you on your toes with your new language. You may already know of them but just in case. Current events and culture all in Gaeilge can be found at http://nos.ie/ Alot of different stuff going on here http://www.gaeilge.ie/
kids enjoy the short stories in this section http://www.gaeilge.ie/maidir-le-foras-na-gaeilge/seidean-si/
Random lit. can be found in irish here but it does take a bit of digging http://issuu.com/ E Books can be found in irish at scribd, kindle, nook, kobo or what every your into search for Clo Iar-Chonnacht


As this was two years ago and the Gaeilge has proved to be such a popular choice, does anyone know if there is any update in the intention to run immersion as Gaeilge?

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