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How to making language learning more effecient?

Just started the French. This program is keeping me interested but of course I run into my obstacles as people do when learning a language. What are some ways I can make this easier and more efficient short of actually traveling to a country where this language is spoken, which I can't do. sadly..

August 15, 2013



hey, I wrote a long text, and then my cat jumped on the keyboard and everything was gone :(

Here are some tips, that helped me to become fluent:

don't just go through the lessons, practice them, til you don't make mistakes anymore and then you can go to the next step. Use the duolingo app!!

French movies are dubbed, find your favorite English movie and watch it in French, first with English subtitles and then with French subtitles. You will be surprised how much you can understand then. But first of all, you will have the unique melody of the French language in your ears the whole time. You can do the same with a beloved book, but you won't have the advantage of listening to the language.

Change your facebook and phone settings to French, that's a lot of fun!

Put sticky notes on furnitures. Write your shopping list in French.

Most of all: THINK in French. Whenever you see a thing, you already learned the word of, say it quietly. Repeat sentences in your head.

Why do you learn French? For business? -Learn business phrases. For vacation -learn how to order a meal.

Listen to French music.

Find a pen pal, chat in an international chat.

Need more? :)

Good luck


and don't be ashamed of making mistakes. That's probably one of the biggest reasons, why some don't progress.


Thank you :) I have been practising sections, not just completing them and moving on. I try and do the lesson over and over again until I can breeze through it as if I was doing an English course. And those are good ideas, once I learn enough I will start putting my facebook and phone and computer in French and start reading French books even if they're children's books. And I would like to learn French before I go to France to join the French Foreign Legion. Sure they teach you it there, but it's better if you know beforehand it's just one less thing you gotta worry about and learn on top of a whole bunch of stressful stuff.


I am leaving for Austria, and I need to know German. I started using this program when I started learning it. Some tips for you are:

-Turn the microphone on

-Keep on trying even when It's hard

-Don't test out of sections

Those are my tips for you. I hope they will be useful!

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