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"Jag vill bli politiker när jag blir stor."

Translation:I want to become a politician when I grow up.

February 18, 2015



I really do not want to meet that child.


Why? It would actually be your chance to influence him and help everyone by making him a better future politician. Do you think current politicians are evil andor incompetent, or have they BECOME so. Politicians are the mirror of the society they come from. I'd want to meet that child and show him as much love I can, because that's what builds good characters.


Relax, it's just a joke. :)


I agree I mean we know it's a joke, but that joke reflects the way people see politics and the distance they take from it,also from social causes and organization. The dissapointment from politics and politicians drags everybody to live in their box and not caring about what happens and what makes our reality the way it is.


so "grow up" is literally "become big"?



You can also say "växa upp" though, which is largely synonymous.


Sade ingen barn någonsin! :-p


I am not a native Swedish speaker. However, I believe that "vill bli politiker" can be translated as "want to be a politician" here, and that this is correct.

Svenska är inte mitt förstaspråk. Men jag tror att "vill bli politiker" kan översättas som "want to be a politician" här, och att detta är rätt.


"Want to be a politician" is an accepted translation now. And your Swedish is good ^^


Are politicians viewed as shady, manipulative, and generally dishonest in Sweden like they are in America?


As in most countries. :) But not to the same extent as in the US, or as in more corrupt countries.

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