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Click record and say...

I recently discovered that when asked to speak into the microphone, you don't actually have to say the words given to you. You just have to make some kind of vocal sound for every syllable, and the program will accept it. Try it - I'm not kidding!

Here I thought I was an awesome German speaker, and now I learn that the computer was only counting the syllables... :o

Also, don't try to cheat by tapping the mic or clicking your tongue; the sound must have some sort of wave pattern to be accepted. I haven't been able to test this a lot, because the record thing doesn't pop up very often, and once I get it right, the thing moves on and I can't experiment any more.

August 16, 2013



Where have you and to speak for a lesson? I haven't seen that anywhere, it sounds cool!


It randomly pops up in the lessons. You might need to turn on the microphone by going here: http://www.duolingo.com/settings/account


I also noticed that when I made a particularly awkward mistake, no one seemed to care. :-(


Well an online course can only help you so far. What kind of awkward mistake are you taking about? What kind of help would you want, ideally?

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