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  5. "We are going shopping."

"We are going shopping."

Translation:Vi tager ud og køber ind.

February 19, 2015



Ugh! I feel like I'm stalling on progess.


Don't worry. I am a native danish speaker (and a rather competent English speaker), and I just failed to test out of this section. (Apparently "vi går ud og køber ind" was not accepted yet.)

Anyway, learning language takes time. Just keep on it, you are not stalling.


...aaaand now I failed it for the second time on this same question. I apparently forgot that that "vi går ud og køber ind" is not accepted yet.

This section is really hard because direct translations are rarely possible, and many reasonable translations are not accepted.

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But it is the real danish we're learning here. Jeg kan godt lide det.


But without any explanation


I feel the same pain. I'm bilingual English-German, and thought I was doing really well with Danish until I hit this lesson. There seem to be 3 or 4 phrases tacked into a sentence to express that it is continuous, but I can't see the rhyme or reason for it! I think I'll need to find other resources, which is a shame because I really wanted to try and learn it using the app, my memory and only very occasional notes, but I'm absolutely, frustratingly stumped here after 63 days of learning. @duolingo - if you want me to switch to the paid-for version, rather than all the endless heart gimmicks, I would be tempted if you had library with the vocab learnt, the turns of phrase in particular, and extra grammar resources for topics like this.


I have come across these comments a few times now; if you are a native Danish speaker, why are you taking a Danish course? I'm an English speaker, I have no intention of taking the english course? Perhaps you're doing Danish from English, to compliment English from Danish? More questions that way?


I am German and have also taken the German course. My intention is to see, where the newbees have their problems and sometimes I was able to help clearing a misunderstanding.


I can't speak for the Danes, but I did the same thing when studying Spanish. Reversing can give you more and some differences too. And of course there isn't an English course for Danish speakers, yet.


Jeg kunne græde, min" jeg går ut at ķøbe ind..var også forkært. Hvorfor??? Jeg tager ut at lære frygt men jeg går ut at købe ind....


From what I have gathered in Duolingo knowledge - "går ud" is only used for actual walking, and "tager ud" is used when you are going somewhere but not on foot.


Duolingos svar vi tager ud og køber ind er ikke det samme som we are going shopping, det hedder nemlig : vi går på indkøb, på dansk.


Mange tak, Suzanna!!!


Is tager often used to mean "go"?

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I think the expression "tager ud" is related to the english "(I'm) taking of (to somewhere)".


In German: vi tager ud =wir ziehen los. That has the meaning of a little expedition. OK, some shoppings are so, indeed


"Vi går ud og handler" is standard Danish as well, but still not accepted.


How about vi går og køber ind?


"vi går" is present tense so "vi går og køber ind" would be a perfect answer to the question: "What are you doing right now?". But the DL sentence is about 'what are you going to do?' There are several posible ways to answer this question. DL rightly sugests one of them.

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