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  5. "Han älskar honom."

"Han älskar honom."

Translation:He loves him.

February 19, 2015



What's it like being LGBT in Sweden? I don't know too much about their culture or values.


Although there is always room for improvement, Sweden is very progressive compared to other countries. You can read more here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Sweden.


Wow! Time to move to Sweden! XD I just wanted to thank you so much, you've been such an amazing helper and teacher. I wish that I could give you more than a lingot and a like for your dedication, to helping strangers, practically for free. You deserve so much more! :)


Oh you...

But seriously though. I'm glad to hear my help is appreciated. :)


Seriously like every time I read see your pic I'm like, "GIVE THIS USER A LINGOT."


This sentence means "he loves a male who is not himself", correct? There would be a different word for himself?


Yes, otherwise it would be han älskar sig själv or something similar.


duolingo said gay rights


Hell Yeah for gay rights ❤️


Honom being new to me and remembering khonom meaning woman in Persian, I said he loves girls, but I was on the wrong side of history there. Good for him


When i first read this sentence i immediately thought, "hmmm surely if he is referring to a male shouldn't it be "Hanom" instead of "Honom"? Either way Swedish is awesome!


"Honom" is a "nice" exception to the rule that a vowel is long if there is only one consonant between it and the next vowel.


When do we use "om?" Why just honom and not om honom


You're probably thinking of tycker om. It's important to realise that tycker om is not a verb + a preposition, but rather a verb that consists of two separate words, and if you leave out either word it completely loses its meaning.

Hence, the om doesn't transfer, since it's part of the verb. Swedish has many verbs like this, where the verb is composed of multiple words - but älskar is not one of them.


Tack så mycket! You're right, I did confuse the om with a preposition- thanks for the future clarification on verbs!

You explained this very well.


The microphone in my lptop is not working. what should I do to progress the lessons? because it seems we must pass the speaking sections also to go next round.


You can turn the speaking exercises off in your settings.


Thank you. Now is OK.

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