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I have a small box of Dutch books, and if you're interested, and you're in the USA...

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03/05/2015 update: All the packages were sent today. Quite a few of the books sent have English translations available at your local library or your local bookstore.

02/21/2015 UPDATE: Have to put this offer on hold for now, all books promised. If you sent me an e-mail, you should have a reply by now. There probably will be more available in the future, but not now.

All in Dutch. First come first served, a few Baantjer mysteries, De Hobbit, The Caine Mutiny, etc. I'd love to open this up to the many Duolingo Dutch folks elsewhere, but I can't afford the postage for that. I mentioned the fact I do this occasionally in another post about Dutch literature, and nobody caught the hint. So a small box, in some cases a single book, I pay the postage, you just have to drop me a message if you would actually read them. (I read a lot of Dutch books and my wife suggested I do this with the extras). (P.S. I'm in the mountains and snowed in at the moment so it won't get there right away).

3 years ago