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Español Salamanca A2 (3.ª edición)

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¡Hola amigos!

There is a free MOOC offered on MiríadaX platform by University of Salamanca in Spain. This a A2 level (way stage) course and it will be offered again soon (date not yet announced)

Here is the link to the course:


I have taken 2nd Edition of this course which ended right before X-mas. I passed it with 100% success. The course was easy for me but even so I have learned a number of things that I did not know before and you get some exposure of Spanish from Spain.

Even if you are not interested please pass the word, forward the link to the course to friends and family.

For your information, here is the what A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 mean:


If you prefer you can take also other courses on MíradaX. I definitely plan to do so sometime:


3 years ago