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Do wrong answers affect word strength?

I'd like to know if Duolingo will flag words I'm having trouble with by lowering their word strength. That way I could just practice my weakest words and take care of problems.

August 16, 2013



Wrong answers decrease the word strength in a way that a word will appear full strength after the lesson (because we have seen it just a moment ago) but the strength will drop down more quickly in comparison to the words we got right.

I think similar thing is happening when we peek. (Probably wrong answers have greater impact on our word strength then peeking..)

Practice weakest words is one of the best features of Duolingo. I try to use it as often as possible :)

There are some things I would like to know:

  • When we make a typo does that affect word strength?
  • When we get a sentence wrong does Duolingo decrease the strength of all words from that sentence or just the one/s we got wrong or just the one it was trying to teach us ??
  • Does the timed practice strengthen a word the same way a regular practice does?


Okay, thanks for the info! I was wondering why a few of my words lost a bar after just 4 days, and that's probably it.

I agree about "practice weakest words". I plan to use that feature often as well. :)

I'm also curious about the answers to your questions. My uneducated guess would be that getting a question wrong affects all of the words in that question. Anything more than that might be a tricky/finicky system to develop. And I would guess that either kind of practice is the same.

However, hopefully someone knowledgeable will come along and set the record straight. :)


When an error is made, some words are bolded in the correct answer (the ones where the error(s) was/were committed). It is possible that the bolded words are the ones whose word strength is weakened compared to that of the correct answers.


I think It depends on the type of error. If you write a wrong ending or totally misspell the word the system will recognize it (and bold it), but if you have an extra word or if you have put it in a wrong place then it is not so easy to recognize what type of mistake was made and it will just probably mark the whole sentence as wrong.

Like sylverone said it is a tricky system to develop..


We'd need to see how the system treated the situation. I've had the "extra word" scenario before and it bolded nothing, though the extra word in my answer turned red. If it's that simple, I think the system can handle it. The tricky situations would be the wrongly-placed word, and sentences where there are multiple errors.

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