"Golf är en konstig idrott."

Translation:Golf is a weird sport.

February 19, 2015

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what's the difference between sport and idrott?


Largely just semantics in everyday usage. The technical distinction is that idrott emphasises physical prowess, whereas a sport may not necessarily do so. For instance, some consider chess a sport, whereas nobody would think it's an idrott. On the other end, there are also people who don't consider e.g. equestrian events or motorsports idrotter, although this is (obviously) more debated than chess.


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I can add this Venn diagram:

  • Tävlan = competition
  • Stavgång = Nordic walking
  • Folkrace = type of rallycross
  • Datorspel = computer games


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This is my favourite Duolingo comment so far. Tack så mycket!


So it seems:

  • idrott must involve physical activity
  • sport must be a direct competition

Is that about right?


Yes, that is correct.

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    What is ''Nordic walking"? Back packing? Hiking from hut to hut in Norway?

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      Ha Ha! Walking with ski poles for a full body exercise. I thought this is just what we old people do so we don't fall over when we hike! That's why I use treking poles!


      stavgång in Swedish

      en stav = 'a pole' as in 'ski pole'



      I love Venn diagrams.

      Computer games, really? Is there a word for leisure activities?


      Leisure activities is fritidssysselsättningar or fritidsaktiviteter.
      Computer games are sports as in eSports (e-sport in Swedish https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-sport) – just like chess is a sport – when you compete in it.


      Can't speak for the Swedish preceptions, but being good at many computer games or video games typically requires good reflexes and good physical dexterity (and in some cases some degree of endurance, many computer games that are played as sports actually have longer matches than some traditional sports and usually require attentiveness and maintaining those reflexes and dexterity throughout the entirety of the match), so they're not as purely mentally focused like, say, chess or many board games (and yes, there are people who treat some board games as sports).


      I wrote golf is a strange sport and it market it as incorrect. Is that correct?


      No, that's definitely a good translation - and I'm pretty sure I remember it actually being accepted, so there was probably a bug.


      Is there any connection between "idrott" as sport and "drottning" as queen?


      No, there is no relation. :)


      Totally unrelated to Swedish, but it reminded me of this Supreme Court case: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PGA_Tour,_Inc._v._Martin

      Which I found out about listening to a Michael Sandel lecture, and the discussion about whether golf is a sport or a game: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgih85 (from minute 4:57).

      Until I saw that video (I was actually watching Sandel's "Justice" course on YouTube, which I highly recommend), I didn't know so much philosophical discussion could be derived from golf! And then I found this thread XD


      Bit insulting to golfers. Not a fan myself, but still


      It doesn't accept 'golf is an unusual sport'


      'unusual' is more ovanlig but konstig is like 'strange, odd, weird…'


      Maybe it is, but I quite like it when I am in the mood for it (watching it, that is). I wonder if Stenson is still big in Sweden, or do Swedish fans root for someone else?


      He's definitely the most popular golfer at the moment.

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      I find myself wondering why a translation of "Golf is a strange game" is not accepted. In at least American usage, games don't refer simply to idle ways for children to pass their time. A question of "Did you see the game last night?" would almost certainly refer to (American) football, baseball, or basketball, depending on the season of the year.


      That's true, although if you asked "Did you watch the game last night?" you would never be referring to golf. I can see arguments for accepting "game" as a translation of the Swedish sport - however, it's not a proper translation of idrott.

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        How common is to say idrott? 'Sport' is international and most common word so I'm just wondering is idrott something Swedes often say when they talk about sport.


        sport is probably more common, but it's by no means an uncommon word.


        I used crazy to describe konstig and was marked wrong. I thought Konstig meant strange and/or unusual. Am I wrong?


        It does, but I think "crazy" is a bit too much of a stretch. We'd use galen for that.


        in this sentence idrott is the answer. When I wrote idrott in the former question it was not accepted and I needed to enter Sport. Please check.


        I'd be happy to, but you'll need to tell me which question that was.


        Several sentences prior to the one I related to you.


        Sentences aren't ordered. The system decides entirely on its own which one to show you.

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