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Today's goal: Get to level 26 in English

I get mails from Duolingo once a month or so that remind me to practice my English, and that my daily goal is to get to the level 26. What's up with that?

February 19, 2015



seems like a bug. Unless they have introduced a new level 26 behind our backs XD.

Feel honored: it might have gone unnoticed by far because a relatively small percentage of people reach level 25! ;-)


Imagine if one day a level 26 is introduced... Would be really weird xD

And yes, the percentage of 25-level-ers is small, but the number isn't! So I think that it should have been noticed by someone... I don't know. xD I'll wait another answer... While I wait I'll go to learn some Deutsch.


I've been getting these too.


I still receive these mails! It says:

"Daily goal: Get to the level " [no number]
and below there is a picture of the level-26-badge

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