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This site needs a new mascot

The owl isn't cutting it, people. Why? Because Duolingo's destined mascot is already in the name!


Considering the recent discovery of the olinguito, this change is both relevant and rational. Promote the sciences and knowledge of the world by choosing to have a rare, localized species as the mascot instead of the commonplace owl!

His name can be Duo. Duo the olingo, mascot of Duolingo. It's poetic, really. Make it happen!

August 16, 2013


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That is slander...it was obviously Photoshopped!!! Our dear, sweet owl would never commit such an atrocity. jajaja


He did what had to be done :(


Well that is... weird


That's brilliant ;)


hahahah! beyond awesome.


Oh Riley! That picture is horrible but also quite alluring.


The owl as a criminal? Mhmmm, I think that we discovered some of his dark secrets...;D

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Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save the owl!!! Now, I'm going to have to stop practicing Spanish and go make signs that read SAVE OUR OWL*. My Spanish will suffer! :)


salve nuestro búho!


We NEED both!!!!


Duo is a good friendly owl who's already well associated with Duolingo, so I think Duo should stay. Its good friend Lingo the Olingo can join him, and then they can do conversation practises together ;)

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Excellent idea. jajaja


It's a good idea, but too late in my opinion. My allegiance is to the owl. And besides the time and effort put into developing Duo the Owl (which suits the green theme, can we have a green Olingo?), I imagine the dev team would be quite attached to it.

PS. I looked at the wiki page and the Olingo looks like a grumpy bastard.


The Duo Olingo could be Duo the Owl's side kick. Sort of like, Robin for Batman


Does it really? Does a green owl make any more sense than a green olingo? At least olingos live in rainforests; most owls are out in, like, dead brown places. And hey, we can make a happy olingo!


I never heard of the "wise olingo" but I have heard of the "wise owl" a couple of symbols for the Owl, wisdom, as in wise owl, or you can say he gives a hoot. I look to the owl for wisdom and because he does give a hoot about my learning, ha ha


We are followers of Athena. Why should we abandon her for some green mammal?


I second this. I second any forced pun.

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