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Still no points for translations

The rating of translations is still broken. I don't receive any points for my translations, nor did I receive any 'grade report', both since 21 November. (The report is enabled in my settings.)

When will this bug be fixed?

December 1, 2012



Just as another data point, I did a few German translations last night (Nov 30th). I received points for ranking, and I've already received one grade report on part of the material (four sentences).


I'm currently translating and rating other's translations (Portuguese Beta) and I get skill points and reports for my activity just like I should.

Which language are you translating from? Portuguese is still beta so there might be a bug or two but the other languages should work just fine.


In the meantime I have been translating from French, as well as Portuguese, as well as German. All are broken for me since 21 November.


Hi jcbos. Have you tired clearing your browser cache and your cookies (or, if you are superstitious about these things, as I am, clearing everything)? Honestly, I don't actually expect that to make a difference, but, with web-based applications, when I get into grasping-at-straws mode, that's something I'd try. (And of course, logging out, closing your browser and then logging back in... but you've been having a problem for a while now, so I presume you've already done that at some point).


Being an ICT professional, I'm quite sure a client side cache issue can be safely ruled out to have any influence on this problem.

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