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Vocabulary list should include the gender of nouns

A noun in German always has a gender, so it is necessary to always include the gender of nouns in a vocabulary list.

Hopefully the course developers will modify this point.

December 1, 2012



Yes, this is a very valid point and will make those changes (capitalize German nouns in the vocabulary list and show their gender). Thanks everybody!


And plural forms!? :] It's helpful to learn those while you're learning noun+gender. (Why learn a noun and its gender, and then try to learn its plural form at some later point?)


It says e.g. "Apfel (m)", so we know it's male and "der Apfel". But you're right, it would be easier to remember when there's an article..


Gender, and also plural forms, are good to learn with each noun. E.g.: -r Tisch, -e (plural=die Tisch-e)


Knowing the gender is ESSENTIAL in German language and it will then cause all the declination of adjectives, differences in accusative / dative an so on...


And I'd say it's impossible to learn afterwards. If you don't learn the noun with the gender, you'll spend month just to learn all the genders.


I hope this gets modified soon - I feel like it's by far my weakest point!


yes! plurals too - I also wish there was a way to add words from translations


yeah i think it should to it kind of gets confusing trying to remember what noun goes with what gender

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