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"As igrejas seguem o movimento da sociedade."

Translation:Churches follow the movement of society.

August 16, 2013



Does anyone else think that "the movement of society" sounds strange in English? What have you used?


I suppose it depends what the portuguese actually means here. I see two options (there may be more):

  1. Churches (the institutions) adapt to changing social values - In which case I'd use: "The church follows the course of society" although I'm sure it could be expressed much better.

  2. Churches (the buildings) move location as people, society, migrates - Then I'd go for something along the lines of "Churches follow the movement of social groups"

I lean towards the first one as being the 'right' meaning.


Agreed! My first impulse was to put "the development of society" but I chickened out and wrote "movement" so I don't know if it would be accepted...


me too - I am learning to write rubbish English so that I can progress to the next level in Portuguese. Pity the non-English speakers who are learning poor English by accident...But I have to keep reminding myself: THIS IS A FREE RESOURCE! And hopefully there are many other perfectionists out there who will bit by bit shape the course!


And in the first option, you're more likely to find "the Church" in the singular and with a capital letter when meaning the institution.


I think that "societal movements" would be more appropriate.


I had the same idea, but the correct English would be "social movements"...which I'm sure DL would reject, wrongly, because it isn't a literal translation.


Clarification: "societal movements" is technically correct, but it sounds awkward.


why not "the churches" if there is a definite article in Portuguese version?


"The churches" should have also been accepted!


Another lingot bonus lost on a correct answer...


If everyone took 5 seconds to hit the 'Report a problem' button it would be fixed by now.


Depends on who got it wrong :)


It's accepted now (27 Jan 2021).


You could argue (as one of the comments below implies) that the correct translation is without the definite article in English. However, given the literal approach to most of the answers in duolingo, it doesn't stack up.


That depends on the context, if you mean some specific churches that had been mentioned before, you'd use the definite article. The thing is, without the proper context, this sentence can go either way.


The churches follow society's movement?


Seems fine to me, but I'm just a fairly advanced learner and not a native speaker.


Would it also be correct to omit "as" to express churches in general rather than "the churches"?


Yes, it'd also be correct.


"(The) churches follow the society's movement" should also be accepted.


This information is false lol


I wrote "The churches follow society's movement". It was rejected. It is synonymous with the official version but I see that this discussion has been running for seven years and Duolingo does not appear to have updated its possible responses.


I would not say this in any language that I've learned. I would say" societies changes "!

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