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  5. "La vedo felice."

"La vedo felice."

Translation:I see that she is happy.

August 16, 2013



If I wrote 'la vedo' it would mean 'I see her', right? So I thought that adding 'felice' to this would mean 'I see her happy', but. this is not the case - where does ' that she is' come from?


Like you I wrote I see her happy and was marked wrong. I don't understand why.


Obviously just another pattern, but I would like a professional opinion as well.


it appears there are no professional opinion here. The only opinion is that of the opinionated.


You guys should accept the translation "I see her happy", because that is the equivalent to that sentence in Italian, otherwise it would be something like: Vedo che lei รจ felice.


I suspect that it does not accept "I see her happy" because it is not correct English. You could perhaps say "I see her as (being) happy" because "happy" is an adjective. In "I see her happy" you would be using "happy" in the position you would normally expect an adverb qualifying "see" (such as "I see her easily, or I see her well).


in fast form she is saying "la veedo felice" and not "la vehdo velice"

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